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1 OR 1.000 SPEAKERS!
1,000 OR 1,000,000 VIEWERS!
Meetings, workshops, presentations, panel sessions, speeches, conferences…
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feature screen sharing icon
Screen Sharing
Easily share your desktop, presentation, video and more.
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Customizable Layout
Create your own page with customizable layout options and increase engagement with your target audience.
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Seamless Streaming
Seamless high speed broadcast quality with powerful streaming infrastructure.
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Mobile Responsive
Easily connect via mobile devices and enjoy live broadcasts even when you are on the move.
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Live Recording
Record your live session and access it as soon as the event ends.
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User Friendly
Accommodate all your participants with a user-friendly interface.
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Full Reporting
Get a full report with all the details of the event after the session ends.
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Simultaneous Translation
Remove the language barrier between you and your guests by simultaneous translation in 11 languages.


  • Stream up to 60 minutes***
  • Basic streaming page
  • Basic recording page
  • Video mix support and recording management****
  • High speed streaming infrastructure
  • Live chat screen
  • Q&A management
  • Survey management
  • Standard reporting (data-based) **
500 Euro
  • Stream up to 120 minutes ***
  • Customizable streaming page
  • Customizable recording page
  • Video mix support and recording management****
  • High speed streaming infrastructure
  • Live chat screen
  • Q&A management
  • Survey management
  • Detailed reporting (by participant) **
750 Euro
  • * €100 charged per each additional 30 minutes
  • ** Please contact us for special requests in addition to basic options.
  • *** For each streaming session, a 15-minute practice is run at least one hour before going live and the JakoMeet team provides information on basic functions.
  • **** A dedicated director from the JakoMeet team is present during each streaming session.




At a time when remote working is increasingly taking up a larger part of our lives, we need to do more than just digital marketing. Take all your marketing activities online to stay in contact with your customers, continue to host events and implement your strategies.

Meetings, workshops, presentations, panel sessions, speeches, conferences…

1 or 100 speakers!

1,000 or 1,000,000 viewers!

Developed by Unusual Enterprise, Online Event Platform JakoMeet allows you to reach your target audience at any scale, establish direct contact and seize new opportunities, while creating a streaming environment special to your brand.

  • Special landing page for the event
  • Customizable landing page layout
  • Recording management
  • Streaming infrastructure
  • Q&A management
  • Survey management
  • Reporting

Have it all with JakoMeet!


** We request a briefing prior to the online event.

** An account executive contacts you to discover event details such as content and scope of the meeting as well as target audience.

** Next, a screen is opened for you to send invitations to the target audience. Once you upload your list, invitations are sent out.

** The list of registered users are emailed to you one day before the event. Then, reminders are sent to the registered users 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the event.
** On principle, we recommend sending out the invitations at least 5 days prior to the event.

** If you request a special layout, please consider that 3 business days will be needed for design and software updates.

** If your guest list is ready, the event can go live within an average of 8 business days after the briefing. The design process is included in this timeframe.
** Google Chrome or Firefox browser should be used.

** We recommend connecting via a high speed fixed bandwidth for uninterrupted streaming.

** An external microphone or a headset microphone should be used.

** Using an external or built-in 720P video camera will enhance the streaming quality.
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