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1 or 1.000 Speakers!
1,000 or 1,000,000 Viewers!
Meetings, live streams, presentations, panel sessions, webinars, conferences…
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What do we offer with JakoMeet?

Broadcast under Your Institution's Domain Name

We broadcast your event under the domain name of your brand.

Customer Representative Support

During your event, we assist you via our customer representative.

Post-Broadcast Video Production

We customize your event's recording suitable for sharing on social media platforms.

E-Mail Automation

We manage your invitation operations by designing e-invitations and reminders explicit to your event

Customizable Structure

With our unique design options, we customize your broadcast screen and help you reflect your corporate identity to your event.

Multi-Channel Broadcasting

We broadcast your event on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch simultaneously, thereby expanding your audience.

Mobile Compatibility

We merge high speed and uninterrupted broadcast quality with solid and mobile-friendly broadcast infrastructure.

Comprehensive Reporting

We offer pre and post-broadcast comprehensive reporting to help you analyze your event.

What do we offer with JakoMeet?

Why should you select an online event platform?

Professional Technical Support
Professional Technical Support

Help your moderator moderate the event instead of the broadcast!
Do not leave the director's chair vacant! Manage both upstage and backstage.

Unlimited Participant Feature
Unlimited Participant Feature

Don’t restrict your virtual events, remove the borders!
Include any number of participants in your event, regardless of location and device.

Integrated Broadcast Area
Integrated Broadcast Area

You are protected
thanks to the capabilities of RTMP!

Enjoy high-performance audio, video, and data throughout the broadcast.

In-Stream Edit Desk Setup
In-Stream Edit Desk Setup

Spice up your event
with live production features!

Insert I/O effects, sub-bands, and speaker nameplates in your broadcasts.


  • Stream up to 60 minutes
  • Streaming page
  • Register page
  • Director support
  • High speed streaming infrastructure
  • Event record (.mp4)
  • Stream up to 60 minutes
  • Basic streaming page
  • Basic register page
  • Director support & record management
  • High speed streaming infrastructure
  • Live chat screen
  • Q&A management
  • Survey management
  • Standard reporting (data-based)
  • Event record (.mp4)
  • Stream up to 120 minutes
  • Customizable streaming page
  • Customizable register page
  • Director support & record management
  • High speed streaming infrastructure
  • Live chat screen
  • Q&A management
  • Survey management
  • Detailed reporting (by participant)
  • Customizable event record (.mp4)
  • Intro - outro packshot
  • Teaser video for event promotion
  • ** Please contact us for special requests in addition to basic options.
  • *** For each streaming session, a 15-minute practice is run at least one hour before going live and the JakoMeet team provides information on basic functions.
  • **** A dedicated director from the JakoMeet team is present during each streaming session.

How can you enhance your online events with JakoMeet?

Simultaneous Interpretation Module

Overcome the language barrier with simultaneous interpretation in 11 languages.
From presentations to reports and articles, share the documents you want to be downloaded.
Insert the videos you want to share with your audience on the broadcast screen.
Engage with the audience during and post-event.
Boost your audience participation and engagement.
Help your audience answer the questions by managing them via the administration page.
Convey your brand's messages and campaigns via banner areas explicit to your event.
Share all the details of your event on the registration page in line with your corporate identity.



** We request a briefing prior to the virtual event.

** An account executive contacts you to discover event details such as content and scope of the meeting as well as target audience.

** Next, a screen is opened for you to send invitations to the target audience. Once you upload your list, invitations are sent out.

** The list of registered users are emailed to you one day before the event. Then, reminders are sent to the registered users 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the event.
** On principle, we recommend sending out the invitations at least 5 days prior to the event.

** If you request a special layout, please consider that 3 business days will be needed for design and software updates.

** If your guest list is ready, the event can go live within an average of 8 business days after the briefing. The design process is included in this timeframe.
** Google Chrome or Firefox browser should be used.

** We recommend connecting via a high speed fixed bandwidth for uninterrupted streaming.

** An external microphone or a headset microphone should be used.

** Using an external or built-in 720P video camera will enhance the streaming quality.