Organize a virtual event using your own domain with RTMP!

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Enhance your online activities via a page design tailored to you and broadcast them on your domain!

The pandemic conditions have moved the activities held in physical environments to online platforms. The rapidly increasing digital transformation and widespread use of technology also accelerated this shift. Considered a functional solution by participants, online events may become insufficient for available tools and many companies offered. Significant technical know-how and experience are also required to utilize some of them. Acting as intermediaries, virtual event platforms are now widely preferred by companies seeking to boost awareness and reliability by their partners. However, many corporate executives want to create a smooth event environment via authentic designs instead of an image under the umbrella of event platforms. Here, digital platforms that offer the ability to use a unique domain name and hold a smooth meeting via the technology called RTMP (Real-Time Message Protocol) step forward.

Since the pandemic, in particular, businesses often utilize virtual event platforms to come together with their customers, employees, and business partners, allocating 10 to 20% of their budgets for these events. However, disruptions that may happen during live events can interrupt the event flow. According to the researches, companies hold nearly 30 virtual events per year, while 68% of them have difficulty drawing the participants' interest due to technical issues. The most encountered issues include poor internet connection, audio & video glitches, and disorganized theme outlook. For a smooth virtual event experience, companies facing these issues prefer platforms with RTMP technology and utilize quality video conferencing and custom design features. Well, what is RTMP? What kind of virtual event advantages does it offer?

What is RTMP?

Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a streaming protocol that can transfer various media data from one encoder to another server during online events. The protocol used in live broadcasts, conferences, meetings, and events transfers objects, sounds, and images to another server, enabling a two-way and permanent communication network.

Design an event in a virtual environment tailored to you

The primary reasons why many organizations hold virtual events include fortifying their communication with their business partners, employees, and customers while introducing new communication channels. However, small or medium-sized companies without sufficient technology have difficulties in virtual events, facing limitations on offering their unique works. Moreover, many companies are compelled to employ available themes and designs. Thus, brands are prevented from building permanent prestige before their customers or partners. Meanwhile, many companies select virtual event platforms with the ability to hold online meetings via RTMP to solve this issue.

You can enhance the quality of your online meetings!

At the top of the virtual event benefits offered by the RTMP is to decrease the delays in data transfer to shorter amounts of time, thereby allowing companies to improve the sound and image quality in virtual events. The ability to easily integrate the servers via RTMP also allows webinars to be held smoothly, free of disruptions. Although there are many RTMP alternatives, RTMP is still among the most widely-used intermediary with its reliability and flexibility offered via its cloud-based infrastructure. Well, which RTMP features will you utilize to reinforce your online meetings?

Minimize the latency during live broadcast

The most encountered problems in virtual events include the low quality and delays arising from the time difference while transferring the audio & video of the participants from one server to another. Leveraging RTMP as technological infrastructure, virtual event platforms maintain stable video connections while reducing audio and video delays to an as short amount of time as 5 seconds. Thus, the event flow is supported, while the participants' focus can be directed to the speakers without any disruption.

Do not take simultaneous notes

Many participants cannot focus on the speakers enough while taking notes of key points during the live broadcast. Thus, communication is interrupted two-sided, while the event flow is also disrupted. Meanwhile, virtual event platforms with adequate technological infrastructure offer solutions via the RTMP, including rewinding and recording the video meeting, allowing participants a seamless experience while surpassing the era of simultaneous note-taking. Online meeting participants can readily maintain communication with each other without hesitating to miss critical issues.

Make your virtual event seamless

Disruptions arising from the incapability to integrate multiple servers are among the interruptions many companies face during live and digital events. Moreover, trying to overcome the possible issues simultaneously also interrupts the focus of the meetings. Utilizing the RTMP technological infrastructure, virtual event platforms do not necessitate participants using infrastructure and allow various media types to be connected to a single source. Thus, many essential criteria, including sound, image, and text, are combined. With RTMP's features offering a flexible infrastructure, a smooth virtual event environment is created for companies. Thus, event hosts can hold a smooth meeting while lowering their technological investment costs via virtual event platforms with this technology.

Create brand prestige with the optimum technological solutions

Virtual event platforms allow organizations to organize online meetings via high-tech infrastructure and provide many favorable elements to companies, besides a smooth live broadcast. These elements include free design options with reinforcing colors, effects, videotapes, and visuals compatible with the project or business model in the background of the live video conferencing. Thus, companies can draw more attention from the participants and achieve a catchy image, building awareness among the participants while allowing their image to become permanent. Businesses can combine many factors while conducting costly advertising activities shortly by filling their participants with their name, design, and presentation functions in a single virtual event. Moreover, companies that can organize events under their domain name strengthen their brand name and create a design compatible with their mission and business models, allowing their meetings to be in unity. Here, selecting the ideal virtual event platform paves the way for designing an efficient roadmap for companies seeking to empower their branding efforts and leave an enduring impression on the people or organizations they are interacting with.

Have efficient online meetings via technical teams

Having a significant influence during online activities, elements such as color, theme, design, the ability to use your domain name via the optimum technological methods may be insufficient under certain conditions. This is because organizations have difficulty finding the focal point in a crowded network of participants, while the integrity of the meetings can be interrupted. Meanwhile, JakoMeet, the virtual event platform, offers technological solutions involving many elements besides RTMP infrastructure. Thus, companies can hold a seamless and holistic event in all circumstances. Offering professional technical support and unlimited participant feature, JakoMeet can manage the downstage and backstage by experienced teams, maintaining the flow of online meetings until the end of an event. Thus, the event host and speakers can focus on the meeting and eliminate the burden of having a moderator. Undertaking the task of monitoring the events of organizations, JakoMeet offers simultaneous broadcasting abilities in various channels and a creative environment for companies to boost their corporate identity.


** We request a briefing prior to the virtual event.

** An account executive contacts you to discover event details such as content and scope of the meeting as well as target audience.

** Next, a screen is opened for you to send invitations to the target audience. Once you upload your list, invitations are sent out.

** The list of registered users are emailed to you one day before the event. Then, reminders are sent to the registered users 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the event.
** On principle, we recommend sending out the invitations at least 5 days prior to the event.

** If you request a special layout, please consider that 3 business days will be needed for design and software updates.

** If your guest list is ready, the event can go live within an average of 8 business days after the briefing. The design process is included in this timeframe.
** Google Chrome or Firefox browser should be used.

** We recommend connecting via a high speed fixed bandwidth for uninterrupted streaming.

** An external microphone or a headset microphone should be used.

** Using an external or built-in 720P video camera will enhance the streaming quality.