Bring your webinar and hybrid events to virtual event platforms!

webinar vs virtual event

Move your webinars and hybrid events to virtual event platforms!

While face-to-face events are back with the ease of the pandemic restrictions, virtual events remain permanent. The relevant research conducted in the business world shows that at least 48% of organizations will have more virtual events in 2022 considering the last year and that 84% of the participants will prefer virtual events over face-to-face meetings.

Companies seeking to boost their vision and foster engagement with their available and potential audience via virtual events choose virtual events that offer the most thorough abilities. Webinars are still the most commonly used choice of people. However, hybrid events, which merge online and face-to-face experience, are also increasingly drawing interest. These events are organized with limited technical and visual options. Thus, they sometimes cannot provide companies with what they need. Here, virtual event platforms come in. Seeking to increase awareness before their business partners, employees, and target audience, companies move their events to digital, utilizing a broad range of opportunities. Well then, what kind of advantages does holding events on virtual platforms offer?

The most preferred online event: Webinars

Short for web-based seminars, webinars refer to online conferences where businesses can connect with their target audience. However, diverse broadcast platforms used for webinars generally fall short regarding the options they offer. A great virtual event platform is expected to offer features such as technical management, accepting the desired number of attendees, the ability to ask written or verbal questions, and running polls. However, offering all these becomes costly for popular platforms, requiring them to have a team available with technical know-how.

Hybrid events boost the experience!

Pandemic conditions suddenly canceled physical events designed with tremendous efforts, transferring them to the digital environment. Those who had to settle with virtual events for some time returned to physical events insofar as circumstances permit. However, attendees and companies now show great interest in hybrid events to preserve social distance and provide an uncongested environment for those in the risk groups. Combining in-person and virtual environments, hybrid events offer the ability to follow the events held in physical environments simultaneously and online. Hybrid events also reduce the event and travel costs, minimizing the damage to our environment. Moreover, if attendees are unable to attend the event, they can later watch the recording of the event and stay up-to-date.

Webinar or virtual event?

After physical activities were transferred to online platforms, many businesses and organizations have started to organize their meetings via webinars. While the webinar refers to a virtual event element with its features, virtual events have gone beyond webinars in many aspects considering the rapid growth of technological developments. Virtual events create a difference in presentation style and technological infrastructure and bring about many more possibilities. With their flexible structures, virtual event platforms that offer the ability to hold webinars make room for businesses to utilize materials that will support the flow during an event, besides providing features such as unlimited attendees, customized design, video recording, technical support.

Foster your hybrid events & webinars via virtual event platforms!

Webinars surely help businesses reach their target audience. However, virtual events have so much more to offer. Virtual events boost engagement and efficiency by providing the ability to hold an interactive event managed by a team with the technical know-how on customized pages. What benefits do virtual event platforms offer during online events?

  • Eliminate the burden of moderation with professional technical support!

    Many organizations hold online meetings to meet up with their business partners and employees. However, managers also take the responsibility of being a moderator during meetings, disrupting communication and the event flow. Here, virtual event platforms offer technical support during online events, helping event hosts eliminate the task of moderation and ensuring that the event is held based on its objectives. Virtual event platforms also ensure that the focus is on the speaker when necessary, checking the speech duration of speakers and providing a seamless event.

  • Be more visible via customized events!

    Online meetings are held primarily for companies to share their developments and projects with their partners, employees, and target audience. However, businesses that have to be contented with webinars lack many opportunities. Here, virtual event platforms remove this difference via their advanced technological infrastructure, offering companies a customized event. Utilizing features such as design, color, logo, background, and tape offered by virtual event platforms, companies can achieve a lasting and distinctive image in their attendees' eyes.

  • Host your webinar with your domain name and increase prestige!

    The advantages offered by virtual meeting platforms during online events have no limits! Here, many virtual event platforms with RTMP (Real-Time Message Protocol) infrastructure offer companies the ability to hold events in their domain, thereby allowing them to be authentic and gain prestige. Employed in live broadcasts, conferences, meetings, and events, the RTMP protocol transfers objects, sounds, and images to another server, providing a two-way and enduring communication network. On the other hand, businesses that deliver name, design, and presentation functions to their attendees in a single virtual event can combine many elements, taking the shortcut and realizing high-priced advertising campaigns.

  • Expand your audience with unlimited participants!

    Usually, webinars or hybrid events are held with limited attendees due to the lack of necessary technological infrastructure. However, meeting up with unlimited attendees is also possible! With unlimited capacity for attendees, virtual event platforms help companies expand their targets and allow many attendees from remote locations to join the event via any device. Entrusting their online meeting or event to virtual event platforms, businesses can introduce their developments or projects they want to share to anyone.

  • Obtain your notes via the event log!

    Taking simultaneous notes is another significant problem of online events. When attendees take notes of essential points of the meeting, they start to fall behind in the event flow, losing their focus. However, virtual event platforms provide the advantage of video recording for online meetings disrupted bilaterally, thus preserving the meeting efficiency from a different point. By accessing the video recording of the event anytime, attendees can take notes of essential points readily and have a summary of the meeting, relistening to the necessary matters and fortifying their knowledge.

  • Enrich your virtual event with diverse materials!

    Many advantages offered by virtual event platforms enable companies to hold an event holistically while making room for different opportunities. By organizing events with technical support, video recording, and customized design experience, businesses create a space where they can enrich their virtual events with different materials. Companies that can include various options, such as instant polls, tests, and messaging, in an event can uncover the opinions of the attendees on the matters shared while discovering new ideas without disrupting the discussion flow. However, a critical decision stage awaits companies seeking to achieve all these. Selecting the best virtual event platform suitable to missions and business models!

Find the best virtual event platform for your virtual events!

The most critical decision that the institutions seeking to hold online events and boost their volumes via these events is choosing the optimum virtual event platform. That's because institutions want to reach the highest engagement level with their employees, business partners, and potential customers via online events. However, they need a seamless event flow to achieve a successful outcome. Here, JakoMeet, the virtual event platform, offers many features with its technological infrastructure, helping companies have a holistic and uninterrupted online event. Offering unlimited attendee feature and professional technical support, JakoMeet manages both the downstage and backstage by experienced teams, preserving the flow of online meetings until the very end. Thus, event hosts and speakers focus on the meeting while maintaining efficiency. Taking the event monitoring task from the shoulders of institutions, JakoMeet offers simultaneous broadcasting ability in various channels via RTMP, allowing companies to hold events in their domain name and reinforce their corporate identity.


** We request a briefing prior to the virtual event.

** An account executive contacts you to discover event details such as content and scope of the meeting as well as target audience.

** Next, a screen is opened for you to send invitations to the target audience. Once you upload your list, invitations are sent out.

** The list of registered users are emailed to you one day before the event. Then, reminders are sent to the registered users 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the event.
** On principle, we recommend sending out the invitations at least 5 days prior to the event.

** If you request a special layout, please consider that 3 business days will be needed for design and software updates.

** If your guest list is ready, the event can go live within an average of 8 business days after the briefing. The design process is included in this timeframe.
** Google Chrome or Firefox browser should be used.

** We recommend connecting via a high speed fixed bandwidth for uninterrupted streaming.

** An external microphone or a headset microphone should be used.

** Using an external or built-in 720P video camera will enhance the streaming quality.