Webinars warn:
Very soon, your customers will be tripled!

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The pandemic has accelerated the transition from physical events to digital. After achieving more efficient results and seeing that digital events pave the way for generating new customers (leads), we have started to search for the new normal of events on digital platforms. Are you looking for ways to gain new customers and boost the number of them? The answer you are looking for is in virtual events...

Held in a virtual environment and tailored to individuals and institutions, digital events are the glowing starts of marketing, allowing you to generate new customers at a much lower cost compared to others. Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that at least half of the participants reached via webinars become new and usually loyal customers. Since webinars require you to be more planned and organized, this essential content marketing tool is not getting enough attention. These live broadcast events are significantly more budget-friendly and efficient compared to physical events. Thus, you can strengthen your authority, the most vital power of today, and collaborate with the right sponsors and speakers besides promoting your company, brand, and products. Announcing the event influentially, optimizing the landing page, selecting the best platform for the webinar, and sustaining relations with the participants via relevant content after the live broadcast, including on-demand, are of great importance to boost your webinar's potential to generate new customers. In our blog post, you will discover many more tips regarding webinars.

New fortunes lie in your future!

Firstly, let us congratulate you. Not that you have found us and this blog post while surfing online to find new customers (that is, generate leads) or retain your existing ones, you must be a professional giving your utmost to your work. Moreover, you're in the right place! That's because you can discover this obvious fact, even with a short Google search, that at least half of the webinar participants become new customers.

Wouldn't it be nice if the number of your customers tripled shortly? Of course, organizing an online event such as a webinar requires you to be more prepared and organized compared to planning a promotional press release or advertising for your company or brand. Benefiting from webinars, however, you can obtain higher conversion rates and more concrete outcomes with the efforts you put forth to generate new customers.

The possibility of having a lump sum of money

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, webinars, compared to live events, decrease organizational costs by 80% and the costs of a new customer by as much as 20 USD, which can generally range between 200 and 1,000 USD. We seem to hear you say! "Even so, that does not mean I earn some amount of money. At best, you can say that it saves money significantly." However, who said you could not earn money by holding a webinar? Notably, if your brand/company has reached a particular maturity stage or become an authority, you can even hold your webinar to earn income with the help of proper sponsors. Moreover, you can find the best sponsors and transform their followers into the new customers of your brand. At the same time, you may even organize paid webinars, given that you are an existing authority in your industry.

You are joining a great crowd. Should we say it is like a celebration or a meeting?

Find yourself an excuse if needed. However, don't deprive your company of this tool with a great potential to generate new customers at relatively lower costs.
When you are finally ready to embark upon this journey, you need to make some preparations to boost the impact of your webinar and make it long-lasting. Considering the timing, we can divide them into three stages.

1. Pre-Webinar

You need to conduct detailed preparatory work to promote your event and find potential customers as closest to your target audience profile as possible. After all, you cannot expect a webinar with a small number of participants to create a huge impact. Thus, identifying the audience, you aim to contact via your event accurately and planning the most suitable channels you can reach them through are of great significance.

Besides your existing followers, if you also aim to collect leads and reach the sales funnel's top segment, it is crucial to properly determine your pre-webinar marketing and communication strategies and optimize your webinar's landing page. And, yes. Your event should have its own page. Moreover, any content that can boost interest and increase webinar attendance, such as your webinar's blog, video, or, if any, comments about past events, to have a good number of participants...

Call-to-action messages and redirections to the event page should be in the slider area on the landing page of your company's website. Make a request to your speakers or, if any, sponsors whether they can share the event on their social media accounts and websites. Finally, remember to send the e-mail invitations. Send invitation and reminder messages four times: The first notification 15 days before your webinar, one on the first working day of the week when the event will be held, one on the morning of the event, and the last one 1 hour before the event.

2. During Webinar

Of course, selecting the best webinar platform is also of great importance. Although this will be a cliché start, you first need to ensure that the technical infrastructure of the platform on which you plan to hold your webinar is solid. Among the must-haves are flawless and uninterrupted streaming at high speed, user-friendly interface, practical screen sharing features, and instant recording option.

Allowing you to change designs tailored to your corporate identity, insert your logos and banners, share event-specific documents and materials, and perform similar customizations are among other significant features to look more professional and enhance engagement with your target audience while selecting a platform.

Last but not least, two more features can also affect your decision. The first one of them is whether the platform you choose offers a comprehensive post-broadcast reporting system, including all the details of an event. That is, the ability to monitor who participated in your webinar, when they were connected, how long they stayed, and what their activities were. In the end, we aim to collect leads and turn them into new customers… And the second feature is the mobile compatibility, especially considering the digital age we live in.

Each feature to be offered besides these will keep you one step ahead of your competitors. For instance, any technical support provided during the webinar or, although not popular yet, a simultaneous translation service that will help you grow your target audience and overcome the language barrier between you and your users will empower you while generating leads.

3. Post-Webinar

We know that you were waiting to take a deep breath and relax after the event. However, bear with us a little longer. Surprisingly enough, if you put in a little post-webinar effort, you can boost the number of leads your event can generate by a third. Yes, that is right—an increase by 1/3. Firstly, let's put it this way: The first condition for the possibility of such an increase is having a webinar with an on-demand feature. Unfortunately, few people do or can attend the events they registered for. In 2020, more than 35,000 webinars research showed that 38% of people registered for a webinar demanded the option to watch it later. Accordingly, you should have a broadcast area allowing you to watch your event later and attach the link of the recorded event to one of the first e-mails you will send after the webinar.

This leads us to the second point we will discuss. You can take many post-webinar actions such as saying thank you to your participants, posting content related to or regarding your event, and offering opportunities specific to your participants. Considering the content and promotions you will offer, you need to analyze your webinar's statistics and survey results (including on-demand sections), customize them by groups, incorporate your sales team in the process while doing these, collaborate on your participant lists, and determine what to do. Also, reusing and sharing the webinar content and records you have worked so hard on in other areas are among the significant post-webinar actions you can take.

Collaborate with an experienced agency for your webinar

If you find these intimidating, take a deep breath first and make yourself a hot cup of coffee. Then, enjoy knowing that many companies can assist you in all these stages! In fact, collaborating with a team dedicated to "content marketing", the superset, managing all the stages of such an event would be more efficient. Thus, if you have no team helping your company in content marketing, choosing a team with webinar experience and even services will facilitate your work significantly. Collaborating with such a team will reduce your workload in all the pre and post-webinar stages, such as determining the subject of your online event, identifying relevant speakers and/or sponsors, generating event content, reaching the right audiences via on-point channels, and preparing the landing page of your event and the related blog and content.

Webinars take you to the champions league!

COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated the transition from physical activities to digital events. Seeing how efficient these are, a significant part of these physical activities have become online permanently, increasing the value of webinars in content marketing. Especially for SMEs, this is surely good news. Although webinars require a little hard work, they take you to the champions league. Considering a physical event, you always have competitors with high financial capacity, hosting your potential customers in five-star hotels with many promotions. However, with webinars, you can now target the same audiences as your competitors and reach them via different channels.

Accordingly, it's time to include this tool that democratizes the marketing industry more frequently in your communication efforts. In the end, you do not need a fortune teller to tell you that a webinar will help you generate new leads as long as you go through the proper channels.


** We request a briefing prior to the virtual event.

** An account executive contacts you to discover event details such as content and scope of the meeting as well as target audience.

** Next, a screen is opened for you to send invitations to the target audience. Once you upload your list, invitations are sent out.

** The list of registered users are emailed to you one day before the event. Then, reminders are sent to the registered users 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the event.
** On principle, we recommend sending out the invitations at least 5 days prior to the event.

** If you request a special layout, please consider that 3 business days will be needed for design and software updates.

** If your guest list is ready, the event can go live within an average of 8 business days after the briefing. The design process is included in this timeframe.
** Google Chrome or Firefox browser should be used.

** We recommend connecting via a high speed fixed bandwidth for uninterrupted streaming.

** An external microphone or a headset microphone should be used.

** Using an external or built-in 720P video camera will enhance the streaming quality.